About US

Hi there,

My name is Shashank Tiwari, Software engineer by profession from Mumbai, India.

About this blog and it’s content

www.codershood.info is a platform where I share my experiences and knowledge through work or the information learned during my past time. I am here to exchange substances with the help of the posted articles and your suggestions are welcome to bring on enhancements or queries related to an article.

I usually share posts on Nodejs, Angular, React, Laravel, AngularJs, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Socket, Material Design, GoLang. But am working my a** off to put Ethereum, Machine learning, AI, ARS, Hyperledger related topic on board. So yes, you can expect these topics in near future.

The motivation behind this blog

Blogging and exploring new things is my passion which motivates me to write and share, how to build a complex application, shot tips and tutorials on new languages and framework. Honestly, the daily work you do does not allow you to learn new things very often. And for me, I can’t stick to one single technology, so am regularly learning new stuff. So whatever I learn, I write down here.

That’s the one reason and second reason is that blogging improves me professionally and personally. I share my code with all of you. Sometimes I get good feedback and sometimes I get hate. Both sides of the coins are helpful to me good feedback inspires me to write good content. And when I get hate, I go back and look what the other person is saying and most importantly why she/he is saying that. It has helped me personally in so many ways.

ALittle about me

I have done B.E. in computer engineering, unfortunately. Actually, I wanted to be an Aeronautical Engineer but ended up doing computer engineering. Yeah, I had 2 ATKT even after the first year.

But then again, what they say,

Whatever happens, happens for the best…. whatever we get in our lives, is what really is meant for us 🙂 .

My lifelong goal is to be self-employed somehow, in the next 2-3 years I will do that. And now learning Computer Programming makes complete sense, you know what I mean right (no offense to Mechanical Engineers)!

My Social media

I am active on Facebook andTwitter, Follow me for the updates.

I also listen to requests for tutorials and suggestions here.