About US

Hello Programmer,

My name is Shashank Tiwari, Software engineer by profession from Mumbai, India.

www.codershood.info is a platform where I share my experiences and knowledge through work or the information learned during my past time. I am here to exchange substances with the help of the posted articles and your suggestions are welcome to bring on enhancements or queries related to an article.

Blogging and exploring new things is my passion which motivates me to write and share, how to build a complex application, shot tips and tutorials on new languages and framework.

I also listen to requests for tutorials and suggestions here.

Little about me,

Yeah, That’s me Speaking on Nodejs 😀.

Shashank Tiwari

I have done B.E. in computer engineering and currently, I work for an IT company as a web developer. Right now I am focused on learning new technologies and languages.

Currently, I am working on Angular 2 private chat application E-book, which will be available in next two or three weeks.

My Social media

I am active on FacebookandTwitter. Follow me for the updates.