Login template using Material Design Lite (MDL)

Recently I had a chance to work on Project, Where I had to use a Material Design look and feel. So I used  Material Design Lite to accomplish that. I created a Login template using Material Design Lite for that project Which I would like to share here as small piece of Markup and CSS.

Material Design Lite lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your websites. Material Design Lite (MDL) is open source CSS framework and very easy to integrate into your HTML.




Create an index.html and write down the below markup.  In the below markup we have added Material Icons, MDL theme and few custom styling.

To add little bit extra sugar we have added CSS, so create style.css an add the below CSS.




Well, this was just a small piece of markup, So I really don’t have much to say. But if you have never used Material Design Lite, I would highly recommend you check that out.